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Summer Vegetables That Brighten Up the Menu



Even the best cooks in the world have a tendency to become complacent from time to time when cooking for themselves. They tend to be able to cook spectacular meals rich in color and unique flavors for others coming to their restaurant, but unable to get out of the normal cooking box at home. They use the same ingredients and make the same meals over and over, but sometimes a complete change to a menu is not needed. Summer time is the perfect time to use those summer vegetables to brighten up the tired old recipes for something completely new. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flow.


Pasta Salad

One of the best things about summer is getting together with friends and celebrating any occasion whether it be a birthday, July 4th, or even just a gathering for no real reason at all. Time is precious and we should take every opportunity to enjoy friends and family. A staple at these gatherings is pasta salad. However, the standard recipe of simple pasta with a few ingredients and a binding agent can get old quite fast. Summer time is an excellent time to play with color. People eat with their eyes and therefore adding color to a simple dish will make it the hit of the party. Try adding a variety of bell peppers in varied colors to your pasta salad recipe. Make it a day before to allow all the flavors to combine properly and the peppers to soften a bit. Your friends will clamor for the recipe not realizing that it is the same recipe with a punch of color and flavor added in.

Fruit to Salad

A green salad can be a refreshing addition to the table of a community or family gathering. A mix of varied greens and other vegetables may taste amazing, but some people can be turned off by the thought of just vegetables. It pays to add a bit of color as well as a sweet addition to a standard salad. Ideas include grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Summer vegetables have never been so delicious than when you add fruit into the mix.

The Joy of Shallots

Onions are available throughout the year and are a staple in many dishes. A good cook knows the value of utilizing the common onion and how to sauté them for a perfectly sweet and quite deep flavor combination. During the summer, onions are still readily available, but so is another lesser known part of the onion family. Shallots are an important part of the onion family and get less credit than they deserve. The milder form of onion is considerably smaller than its overused cousin. It adds the right amount of mild flavor with a power packed slightly red color to add a unique aspect to most dishes. Try it within rice dishes, soups, and practically anywhere you usually use onions.

Cold Soups

Summer is not the time to be in the kitchen preparing hot soups. That winter time favorite does not always go over so well when people are already sweating from the heat, but there are a variety of different cold soups that make for an impressive addition to any meal. A popular idea revolves around the quite refreshing and little utilized cucumber. Gazpacho is a Spanish style cold soup that is remarkably easy to prepare and once you get the kids to taste it, it will be a true hit. Another crowd pleaser is apple and beet soup. Even people that do not eat beats love the sweetness that the apples add to the equation. These soups can be served as the main course or work well as a side dish, so you cannot go wrong this summer with these cold soups.

Tuna Salad

It is not surprising that tuna salad is often the one dish that is left at a party. People have come to realize that the amount of mayonnaise added to the tuna salad makes for a very unhealthy and often unappetizing food. There is a way to vamp up the average tuna salad and make it healthy as well. The trick is to use a ripe avocado and leave out the mayonnaise. The creamy texture of avocados make it a perfect alternative to the simple mayonnaise in many different composed salads.

Trax Farms

These ideas likely have your interest peaked and your stomach growling, but that is not a reason to run directly to the grocery store. There is a better option and it is right here in Finleyville, PA. Trax Farms gives you the summer vegetables you want without the additives you do not. We grow the freshest and the most delicious produce in the area and we want you to come check us out for yourself. Bring the whole family for a day of fun in the sun and take home a car load of vegetables for yourself today. 


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