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Spring Gardening

A Few Tips to Make Your Spring Garden Flourish Like Never Before


Spring is a beautiful time of the year where flowers bloom and the world seems to completely come alive. Spring gardening is among the best activities to take part in during this time of year. Although nature is spectacular in itself, if you want a little more from your garden, there are some things that you will have to do. Whether you are an expert gardener or a novice, here are some tips to help your spring garden be the prettiest one around.

Reusing Clay Pots

Gardening can get quite expensive and therefore most gardeners look to use items over and over again each year. One of the most useful products to have in your gardening area is clay pots. They are quite versatile and have been used by gardeners forever. Reusing these pots however can come with a specific challenge. The nature of the clay can make them hard to clean but there is a simple solution to solve the problem. A mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol mixed together in a spray bottle and then sprayed on the buildup will effectively break up the hard to clean residue. Allow the solution to sit for a while and then scrub it with a plastic scrub brush. Your clay pots will look as good as new and be ready for new planting to begin.

The Importance of Composting

One of the most beneficial thing you can do for your garden is to keep up a compost area. Yes, the smell can be rather uninviting, but if you live in an area that you are able to utilize a compost area, be certain to do so. A compost area is the best way to get rid of household waste that cannot be recycled. The rich nutrients from the foods you eat every day will go directly back into the soil and provide your garden with a highly nutritious and chemical free form of fertilizer. Another bonus, if you have children, is that they will learn about the circle of life and how everything is connected to one another. You will see your children become more involved with the gardening and your garden will have the best tasting and most natural produce around.

Keep the Water

We use water for practically everything we do each day. Water is most notably used in cooking and then simply discarded down the drain, but you are actually throwing away a key source for added nutrients. Boiling vegetables and even pastas releases many of the nutrients and starches directly into the water. Instead of simply throwing that water away, use it to water your garden area. Take every opportunity to increase the number of nutrients into your garden for a full and prosperous harvest.

Chamomile Tea

Organic gardening is what most people aspire to in their gardening regimen, but all too often the bugs and the fungus threaten to kill our beloved plants and we turn to chemicals to kill the harmful bacteria. There is no need to undermine all of your organically geared hard work by resorting to chemicals. A simple chamomile tea will help keep the pests and the fungus from growing. A few times each week brew up a batch of the tea and place it in a spray bottle. Spray each and every plant thoroughly to keep plants healthy and enrich your soil.

Use Egg Shells

Egg shells are something that most people try to avoid using as an ingredient when cooking, but egg shells are highly beneficial to your garden. The high calcium the makes the egg shells what they are will enrich your soil and keep blossom end rot from ruining your garden. The egg shells should be ground up into almost a powder so they can penetrate the soil and offer the maximum nutrient properties. Mix the egg shells directly into the soil before planting and you will notice a significant difference in your garden all year long.

Start with the Best

In order to have a beautiful spring garden, you have to start with the best plants. We at Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA understand this and want to invite you out to our farm today to see what we are growing. We sell a wide variety of plants and flowers for your to grow right in your own garden. Our farm is also not just about the plants. We have a range of children’s activities as well, so while you are shopping for your plants, the kids can be occupied with activities of their own. There is never a dull moment here at Trax Farms and we want you to come and see what our hard work and determination has produced for this spring season. Come out today before the season passes you by. 


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