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Thanksgiving Traditions

A Look at Traditions We Hold Dear


When the leaves begin to change color and outside air becomes cooler, people begin to look forward to the Thanksgiving Feast. This is a time of family and traditions. One of the most notable traditions is the family meal that includes a variety of dishes lovingly prepared by those family members that can cook, or think they can cook. The table is full of festive treats that we only seem to eat at this time of year, but the food is not the only tradition your family may hold dear. Here is a look at some Thanksgiving traditions you may have and some you may have not even ever thought of as traditions.



Giving Thanks

We take this time of year to cook more food than we could ever eat and live off the leftovers for days. Waiting on the meal to begin involves kids and adults alike trying to sneak into the kitchen to get a little nibble before the big meal. For the family members that are not marathon cooking, the time before the meal can be torture and they cannot wait to sit at the table and dig into the food they have likely been smelling all day or even for a few days depending on how much cooking has taken place, but before the first bit is taken, many families take a bit of time out to give thanks.

Some families merely give thanks by praying over the meal and giving thanks for another year of life, but more traditional families allow the individual members to tell what they are thankful for. This tradition is not practiced in every family, but encourages people to dig deep down and find out what they are so thankful for be it the food on the table, a new family member for the year, or just the simple notion of being together for the season. It is a rich tradition that should be carried with us throughout the year.

A Little Football

Football has become a very large part of the Thanksgiving season to the sports enthusiasts. A number of games are televised each year on the holiday and while the cooking members of the family are busy, the sports enthusiasts are busy watching the game and enjoying each other’s company. Those that cannot be found rooting for their favorite team in front of the television can usually be seen playing the game outside. The football tradition may not be your desired way to spend the holiday, but anytime you can find a way to get people together having a good time, it is a good thing.

Board Games

We live in an age where technology reigns supreme. Kids of all ages are being giving technological devices to keep them occupied where once that type of fun was only found in games the whole family could play. There are some people that believe that by taking away the technology from the children that you will hurt them in some way, but the value that playing games with the whole family on Thanksgiving far outweighs any discomfort they may feel from not having their faces glued to their devices. Starting this tradition may be a little hard at first, but once everyone gets involved they will completely forget about their need to update their status on social media and start having the time of their lives.

Blessing Book

This is sort of a spin on the tradition of everyone vocally saying what they are thankful for. This tradition is the perfect idea for anyone just starting out with their family or the growing immediate family. Much of the celebration of Thanksgiving happens later on in the day, but the blessing book is one that can begin at breakfast. The notion is to have a breakfast with the members of your immediate family (those that live in your home throughout the year) and have a notebook to write down what you are thankful for. Some families have been doing this for many years and the notebook grows with every passing year, so they can look back and see how the blessings from previous years may have impacted their entire lives. 

Trax Farms

No matter what traditions you and your family hold dear, you are going to have to have some fresh vegetables and fruits to bring the feast together. We here at Trax Farms in Finleyville, Pennsylvania take pride in our ability to grow the best produce in the area We put just as much love and care in growing the produce as you do into cooking the recipes that your family loves during the Thanksgiving season. Come down today and have fun on the farm, but do not leave until you have picked out the best produce for your family meal. Happy Thanksgiving.


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