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Pittsburgh Best Fall Festival

A Look at Why Fall Festivals Are So Popular


We are a nation of people that enjoy a good celebration. We have events to mark everything from the announcement of a baby all the way up to the retirement party for those that have gone above and beyond the call of duty within the career they have chosen. The need to celebrate every aspect of life is not just some frivolous pursuit. It is the desire for our lives to have meaning and contain the people we love. One of the most popular celebrations at this time of year are the fall festivals that seem to be everywhere. We are going to look at the fall festival so we can determine its attraction to so many people.



History of the Fall Festival


When we think of the fall festival we often think of games and food a plenty, but the origins of the traditional fall festival come in the form of the originally named harvest festival. Throughout the world the harvest time is celebrated at different times. Here in America we tend to celebrate around September and into October. The reason for a harvest festival was to mark the time when the crops were ready to be picked. Once all was picked, the workers were able to celebrate the bounty with the harvest festival. The term changed when people turned from farming to other forms of making an income, so the harvest festival gave way to the fall festival. Here are some of the reasons that it is still so popular today.


The Weather


Some of the festivals that we enjoy during the summer time are plagued with the extreme heat that send most people heading home early, waiting to attend the event in the evening, or simply hiding in the shade throughout the event. It can be miserable to attend an outdoor event in the summer when the sun is blazing down on us, but as we all know, the sting of summer can be extinguished by the gentle hand of autumn.


Fall is the time of year where the day is still relatively long, but the climate changes to much milder temperatures. Many of the fall days are also overcast contributing to the overall mild weather that people love about fall festivals. Even people that do not tolerate the heat are able to get out of the house and enjoy time with family and friends that they will remember forever.


The Food


When you are out at a summer event, you likely do not do as much eating as you do trying to find a refreshing drink to cool you down. Food is what most people go for when they attend any event, but when the heat makes you to where you do not want to eat, many of those high calorie foods that you can find at events quickly send you running, but the mild temperatures of fall make fall festival food very inviting.


One of the greatest aspects of the fall season is the fact that you are able to eat warm wholesome foods to fill you up, but also have a nice cool drink if you happen to get overheated. Fall festivals are also full of some of the freshest ingredients available because they are often harvested just before the event. Scents of fresh apple pie and homemade cider fill the air and entice you to find out where the amazing aroma is coming from. Fall festivals have the best of both worlds with fresh pies and even ice cream to bring both warm and cold into perfect harmony.


The Games


There is nothing more fun than trying your hand at a fall festival game. The fun of friendly competition gives the fall festival an edge against all other festivals around. Games such as finding the treasure in a hay bale and apple bobbing have been at fall festivals throughout the years, but each and every year the games seem to take over the scene with new ones being added. The simple prize of a piece of candy is enough to send children into a frenzy and their parents can enjoy the fact that it is all in good clean fun.


The Best Fall Festival Around


It is true that you can find fall festivals throughout the area at different times, but none can compare to the one we have here each and every year at Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA. We have been having our fall festival here for ages and each year is better than the last. Come and enjoy all of the hard work that we put into our fall festival and make a few friends while you are here. You will enjoy the best and freshest apple cider in the area and your kids will enjoy all of the fun they will have as well. 


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