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Let’s talk Veggies

Green Leaves and warm climates make for some great vegetables

 Summer, for many people is the time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. It is a time to break out the bikini and the swimming trunks, work on the tan-lines, and just enjoy the day. As such, those with gardens are working on planning vegetables which are not only delicious but also able to deliver that flavor when transported to that summer get-away spot. Where there are a great many vegetables which are available for your garden, here are a few which will do well in both your garden and your picnic basket.



Technically, the avocado is not a summer vegetable but a year round veggie. However, it seems that in the summer it does get a bit more notice, especially when you pair the vegetable with a garden salad and other summer vegetables. The Avocado is a tree and those wishing to plant it will not see a yield in the first year. Also, keep in mind that they do get rather large. Avocado trees can get us to 40 feet tall (depending on the type that you choose).  Pruning and maintenance of the branches can help with the height.

Avocados should be planted in a sunny location and should never be placed in soil which will see temperatures below 45 degrees.


Eggplants come in a variety of shades, with the most popular being the dark purple tint which most associate with it. The eggplant is great for fiber and can serve as a substitute for protein. Typically, the plant is grilled or sautéed. However, the plant is also well served in a casserole, as Eggplant Parmesan, or combined with tomatoes or other summer plants.

Eggplants grow well in warm temperatures with picking times around June to early July. The plant is a sprouting plant, not a vine or a tree. Consideration should be given to the spacing of the seeds when planting as well as to supports for the plant (as the fruit can weight up to 2 pounds or more per fruit). Unlike other vegetables which are fairly self-sufficient, the eggplant does require that careful consideration be given to the fertilizer to soil ratio for the best results.


Perhaps one of the most iconic vegetables of summer apart from lettuce, the cucumber is rich in Vitamin C. The skin is saturated in fiber, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients which make it a great treat to add to your picnic basket. Cucumbers are also needed for that other summertime favorite, pickles. Cucumbers are best paired with tomatoes, dill, carrots, and radishes. Additionally, the veggie does well on its own making it a great on the go snack.

To grow your cucumbers, ensure that you have space for the vine. Cucumbers which are grown on trellis make the growing process a bit more manageable and make harvesting easier. What you want to avoid is having your cucumbers lay upon the ground, especially in areas where moisture could cause damage to the plant or to the vine. Avoid overcrowding the plant for larger fruit and higher yields.


One vegetable which is often overlooked in the summer is the pepper. There are hundreds of peppers to choose from with various levels of fire. From the bell pepper and banana pepper which have very little bite to the habanero pepper which is extremely hot, the pepper is a great addition to a summer garden.

Instead of buying a salsa or the pepper you need for a recipe use a fresh pepper from your garden. The great thing about peppers in a garden is that they replenish rather quickly (much like pod peas and green beans). So long as you pick the peppers you should see more come in throughout the season. Just ensure that you wear gloves when working with peppers to avoid the acids irritating the skin and eyes.

Peppers are generally used as additives to dishes. However, they can be eaten (sparingly) by themselves. Keep in mind the rule of thumb when choosing your pepper, the smaller they are the more kick they will have.

Do you need vegetables for your garden? We can help

Trax Farms has a wide selection of produce both for planting and for purchase. Located in Finleyville just outside of Pittsburgh, our farmers market is one of the largest you will find. Should you need help in determining which plants are right for your garden, let us know. We have over 150 years of farming experience that we can use to ensure that you get the right plants this summer. Whether you are a seasoned vegetable grower or a novice, you can find what you are looking for at Trax Farms. Should you need directions visit our contact page or contact us directly at 412.835.3246 


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