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Starting a Home Garden? Here are a few herbs you should include

Simple to grow delicious herbs for your garden


Home gardens can be a fun and easy way to grow herbs and spices that you typically would have to purchase otherwise. There is a level of accomplishment as well as a heightened sense of health and life from getting something from a garden as opposed to a plastic shake container. Yet, if you are new to growing herbs (or new to gardening at all for that matter) you may find that choosing the herbs for your garden is a bit frustrating. There are so many herbs to choose from. Apart from this they do not have an Italian Seasoning or Allspice. But before you go to the store and buy one of those plastic containers of spice (which really no one can tell how fresh the contents within are) don’t fret. Here are some of the best herbs to start your home garden.



Basil is almost a universal herb for the kitchen. It can be used in salads, soups, as well as in chicken, fish, and meats. Basil is also one of the herbs found in a great many combination spices which you would find in the grocery store. As such, it would make sense to add it to your home garden, especially if space is limited and you have to be selective with the herbs.

Basil can be identified by its large green leaves. There is not a very strong aroma that comes from the basil plant. However, you can detect an earthy/spicy smell to the plant, especially when it is chopped. Flavoring with the basil should be done moderately. The herb gives a warm spicy flavor to the dish it is in (and of course cooking the herb releases more of that flavor into the food), but over seasoning may give an earthy course favor to the food.

Planting of Basil should be done in the early spring or summer and plants should be kept in a sunny area.


The dill plant has a very distinctive taste, and as the name would suggest, that taste is similar to a dill pickle. This is one of those plants where a little goes a long way. Only apply a pinch of the leaves at a time to prevent from overpowering your dish. Typically, for fish and salads it is a great, especially if you want to get that pickled flavor without adding actual pickles or vinegar to the recipe, or to add some color to a plate. And while the dill herb will not preserve your foods (as vinegar and pickling will), you can get that spicy, salty flavor on your food.

Dill can grow to be quite a large herb plant depending on the variety that you choose. If you have a home garden it is advised that you find the smaller of the plants and that you keep the dill trimmed down. When in boom the Dill plant can be identified by its sprig like leaves and its strong dill scent.


Apart from the mint fragrance that will be present in the general area of your garden, the mint leaf can be used for a TON of applications. From jellies and jams to teas and meats, the foods that the mint leaves can accent are numerous. Mint leaves can also be used as a quick breath freshener, a substitute to gum, and to treat a burn.


Parsley is another one of those herbs that is traditionally found in combination spices. It is ideal for meats, fish, and chicken. For most purposes, the parsley plant will be cooked alongside the food. However, you can use it in salads or as a fresh garnish without having to worry about it being too powerful of a flavor.

Parsley leaves are very definitive. The leaf has several points and is divided into 3 sections. Leaves are typically no bigger than 2 inches. The plant does grow very densely, so planting should be done with a minimum of 10 inches between each plant.

Need help in getting started? Trax Farms can help

If you are starting a new home garden and want to get some seeds or some starter plants, Trax Farms would like to help. With over 150 combined years of experience, we have a proven record for getting plants to grow properly. Trax Farms is located in Finleyville, PA just 12 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Whether you are looking to start your first home garden, or if you are looking to add new herbs to your existing garden, you are sure to find what you are looking for here. Should you have any questions about herbs, gardening, or Trax Farms, please visit our website or contact us directly at (412) 835 3246.


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