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Bring your garden to life with these Spring Flowers

5 Spring Flowers to bring your spring garden color


Spring is that wonderful time of the year when things begin to be rebirthed. The sun seems to be at just the right temperature, the birds sing a bit louder, and everything starts to show it leaves and color. For a garden owner, spring is an exciting time of the year as you are able to express your taste, style, and design through your annuals. Even if you have perennials their blossoming is an anticipated arrival to your yard. If you are new to gardening, or if you are experienced in gardening but want to know which spring flowers are the most popular, here are 5 selections which are ideal for the Spring Season.


Snowdrop Anemone

If you want to experience the whites and the yellows of the daisy but want to have a different flower (perhaps to accent your daisies) than the Snowdrop Anemone may be the right selection for you. It works well in the spring season and grows to the approximate size of the daisy which is about 6 to 12 inches. What is great about the snowdrop anemone is that even though the flower is for the Spring Season, you may get another blossom from the flower in the fall. Additionally, the flower is easy to maintain and does well with other flowers.


Lilacs are typically associated with lilac trees which produce the purplish/ blueish flower. And where this is perhaps the most common varieties to see in gardens, there are actually several selections available ranging from the trees (which get about 20 feet tall with a large canopy) to the dwarf shrubs which are easier to maintain in smaller gardens or in communities where you do not want petals ending up in a neighboring yard.

Lilacs are known for having a very distinctive and sweet fragrance. As such, it is common for those with Lilacs in their garden to see an increase in humming birds, bees, and butterflies. Lilacs do best in well-lit areas. Gardeners should keep in mind the root system as well as the canopy when planning.


One of the iconic flowers for Spring is the daffodil. The large flower is known for the central cup from which the petals emerge as well as for its diversity in colors. Where some flowers have a particular look about them, the daffodil has several. One can choose from the ‘standard’ white daffodil with the single spread of white leaves or from a multi-layered petal arrangement that has more oranges and yellows. For those which do not want to have too many varieties of flowers in their garden but want to have some variations, choosing a few different types of daffodils is a great option.


Spring and Tulips go together. It is perhaps the mascot flower of spring. The flower comes in about as many colors as you can imagine from white, blue, yellows, purples, and pinks to the red petal flower. The Tulip is a bulb plant and will return, if maintained, the following year. Tulips work very well in small gardens as they are not picky about which flower they sit next to or if the area is crowded. Actually, the plant does well in congested areas, along pathways, and around trees and shrubs. As with most flowers, you will want to ensure that the tulip gets ample sunlight.

Pink Azaleas

The Azaleas plant is a flowering bush that ranges in size. The largest of the bushes gets about 10 feet tall and wide. However, most people opt for the smaller shrubs and use them to line their walkways, as a natural barrier/boarder to their gardens, and as accents to their yard. Unlike some Springtime plants, the Azalea remains in bloom during the summer months. Keep in mind that in the winter months the shrub does loose its leaves and flowers and so aesthetically speaking it may be less than appealing as a central yard plant. Yet if you want to have a shrub that produces a great deal of flowers, attracts birds and bees, and smells good, then the Azalea bush may be right for you.

Do you need help with choosing your Spring Flower Selection? Trax Farms can help

With over 150 years of farming experience and a staff that loves what they do, you can rest assured that we can help you find the right flowers for your spring garden at Trax Farms. If you have any questions about our flowers or about how to set up a new spring garden, we would love to assist you. Please feel free to come by our location and talk with us. We are located in Finleyville, PA just 12 miles south of Pittsburgh PA. If you need help with directions of have general questions you can also call us at 412-835-3246.


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