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Find your treasures at Trax Farm Flea Market


Collectables, Treasures, and unique finds at Trax Flea Market

Flea markets are a great way to get out of the house and look for antiques, collectables, or just see what deals are available. Here are a few reasons why shopping at a flea market is not only a fun way to spend an afternoon, but a beneficial way in which to shop.


Multiple Vendors offer multiple products

One of the drawbacks of going shopping is that you are typically restrained by the products offered by one vendor. True, you could go to a mall, but that would require a great deal of walking and even then you are buying a specialized product from a certain vendor. With the indoor flea market you are given the option of buying from several vendors who each have an array of products.

Supporting Local Businesses

Our indoor flea market has local vendors offering their collectables, antiques, and products. By participating in our event, you are supporting the local community. There is a misconception that a flea market is composed of products that are somehow unfit for “regular” markets. This is not true. Our vendors are well established within the community. Vendors want to get away from the everyday traditional selling just as the local consumer wants a different experience than the traditional store. In many cases a flea market vendor will have the same products as his or her store (they just want to get out and enjoy the day). By buying from a local flea market you are supporting the local business.

You can find things that regular stores cannot carry

Collectables and unique gifts are one of the main draws of the flea market. There are many items which are usable and unique that simply cannot be sold in the typical store. This is especially true for vintage items and antiques. As building and zoning restrictions could limit a person from selling certain items (for example someone that usually has produce may find it hard to sell an antique rifle). Because a flea market is an open vendor/item market, the limitations on what can be sold is drastically minimized. This means that you get more opportunities to find unique items and gifts all under one roof.

The hidden treasures

Get the thrill of looking for that hidden gem while visiting the flea market.  Look through the antiques and collectables to find something that could be a rare find. There are a great many items which are being offered from the everyday item to those antiques which have been sitting in storage. The news is continuously covering stories of treasures found at such events (such as the recent discovery of a Billy the Kid photograph which sold for only $10 and could be worth $5 Million)[1]. Will you be the next person to find that treasure? The only way to find out is to attend and see what you can find.

Flea markets are cheaper than regular marketplaces

Flea markets are generally associated with their low costs. For the most part the items that you find in a flea market are drastically lower than those that you will find in a traditional store. Granted, antiques and other high valuables may be priced about the same, but that is to be expected. If a price is too high for your taste, flea markets offer the ability to haggle the price with the vendor (something which is frowned upon at “regular” stores).

About our Flea Market

Trax Farm indoor flea market will be held from January to March 2016. For specific dates please view our website page Our market opens at 10AM on the selected dates. Trax Farm is located in Finleyville, PA just south of Pittsburgh. Should you need directions please visit the contact section of our website or call us directly at 412-835-3246.

Are you interested in being a vendor?

Flea markets do not only offer great opportunities for the consumer but for the vendor as well. Vendors can enjoy a day of selling in an environment where everyone present has come to purchase products. If you would like to become a vendor of the Trax Farm Indoor Flea market you will need to contact customer services. Cost for the weekend is $30 and you will be required to commit to the entire weekend as well as sign a waiver at customer service. For details about vending please come by and talk to us.

Break in Spring with a visit to our indoor flea market

Whether you are a vendor or just looking for something to do, the indoor flea market is a great way to spend the day. Offering collectables, jewelry, antiques, apparel, and more there is no telling what treasures you will find this year at Trax Farms.


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