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New Year’s Traditional Foods

Traditional New Year’s Foods with meaning


The New Year is approaching and that means that plans for bringing in 2016 are already being made. Among such plans, the food which will be eaten at the New Year’s Party/Celebrations should be considered. Like many holidays, there are traditional foods which have a tremendous amount of symbolism and meaning for the day. Here are 5 foods which you should consider adding to your New Year’s Tradition.


Number One: Greens

Salads and fresh green leaf plants make for a healthy food selection for the coming of the New Year. Now only do these plants provide you with a step towards that New Year’s resolution of eating healthier, but they also symbolize a revitalization and renewal. Green also conveys loyalty and affection according to psychology today. If that is not enough to get you motivated, it has been stated that the color green is associated with money.

Look for leaves such as spinach which have a darker and crisper green to really make a statement. It is important that you pick leaves that are fresh. Browning on the edges does not do well to bring forth the new birth and flourishing symbolism.

Number Two: Grapes

This is a Mexican tradition, primarily, but can prove to be a bit of fun at a New Year’s party wherever you may be. According to this tradition, a grape is eaten for every stroke of the clock at midnight. Each stroke represents a month of the year. If one of the grapes is sour then take care. That month is supposed to bring bad luck in the following year. Alternatively, if you get a grape that is extra sweet, that month is supposed to be prosperous for you.

Number Three: Beans

Much like the prosperity of the green leaves, beans give the symbolism of money. Specifically, the bean represents the coin (as it makes a similar sound when they are dry and hit one another). Apart from the financial symbolism, the hearty flavor and the texture of the bean is traditional in meals that are celebrating a rebirth or a getting back to nature type of ambiance. Beans can also be symbolic of heritage and society.

Number Four: Oranges and Tangerines

Chinese tradition associates oranges and tangerines with luck and prosperity. Because the words luck and tangerine sound the same in the Chinese dialect and the words gold and orange are similar, the association of this fruit with such has been made. If you are catering to a Chinese crowd this New Year’s include the tradition of the orange or the tangerine. If you can find one of these fruits with leaves that is even better. Leaves symbolize longevity. Where it is ok to buy in clusters, do not put them in groups of 4 as this is the Chinese number for death.  If you really want to show off your knowledge of symbolism and tradition, cluster the oranges in 6, 8, or 9.

Number Five: Figs

Figs are a symbol of fertility and birth. As the old year dies and the New Year approaches, it is a nice way to start the celebration.  Pomegranates can be substituted as well. It is best if you couple the fig with another fruit so that you do not give off the impression that you or the person that you are serving it to should become fertile. It is better to side on caution in this case then to offend.  If you do not want to serve the figs raw, consider making bread or a cake.

Ways in which these foods are generally presented

Where each culture has its own way of presenting their New Year’s Traditional Foods, there are a few similarities that have become popular:

  • Pork accompanied by beans or oranges
  • Cakes with fruit
  • Raw fruit
  • Noodles and salads
  • Ciders from Fresh Fruit

Of course, you will have your own dishes and your own way of presenting your meals to your friends and family. Implementing these foods into your New Year’s Tradition is just one way in which you can add some interest to the occasion while you are waiting for the ball to drop, the hand to move, or the bell to chime in 2016.

Do you need help in finding your New Year’s Traditional Foods?

Trax Farms would love to help you get ready for the New Year. With over 85,000 feet of farmers market and over 150 years of farming experience, we are sure that we can help you make this holiday special. Trax Farm is located in Finleyville, PA just south of Pittsburg on Route 88. Should you have any questions about our produce or to get directions to our farm please feel free to contact us either through the website or directly at 412.835.3246.


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