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How to roast pumpkin seeds


A beginner’s guide to roasting pumpkin seeds

Fall is upon us and that means that it is pumpkin season. Drinks, pies, and pumpkin seeds are in abundance. If you are like many people, you enjoy making your own food and using all the parts of your pumpkin (I have always thought it a waste to take a perfectly good pumpkin, throw out the contents, and carve it).  Trax Farms in Finleyville would like to offer you a tasty solution for when you are carving up your pumpkins or getting ready to make that pumpkin pie. Save the seeds, roast them, and have a nice treat. Here is how to roast your pumpkin seeds.


Step One: Get a large pumpkin

Large pumpkins generally have a great deal of large seeds which can be roasted.  Trax Farms has a nice selection of pumpkins for you to choose from ranging from the smaller size to the massive pumpkins. Choose the size that is best for you. The main thing you want to look for is a nice vibrant orange. Avoid pumpkins which have a blackish tint.

Step Two: Remove the innards of the pumpkin

Carve an opening at the top of the pumpkin and remove it.  Scoop out the inside content and put it into a large bowl. The best way to do this is to use a large serving spoon or a ladle. Still, there will be some of the seeds and such which will need to be removed by hand.

Step Three: Separate the seeds

Because pumpkin is a bit more dense then the water off of noodles and fine grained ingredients, you will need to have a colander with average size holes. Ensure that the seeds cannot fall through the openings and then run water over the colander to separate the pumpkin from the seeds. Do not discard the pumpkin as you can use that later to make pies or other treats. Bag it up and refrigerate it.

Step Four: Seasoning the Seeds

Prior to the roasting process, you will need to boil your seeds and add any seasonings to the water. Typically salt is the only ingredient used. However, if you want to spice up your flavor a bit consider using a small amount of red pepper. If you want to have a more festive/Christmas like flavor you can add nutmeg or hazelnut to the water. Keep in mind that whatever ingredient you add to the boiling water will be absorbed by all of the seeds.

Step Five: Roasting

Seeds roast a lot like a coffee bean roasts. The darker the color the stronger/crunchier the flavor will be. If you like your seeds to have just a little bit of juice to them pull them out of the oven once they have a light blown tint. It may take a few batches to get the seeds to the crispness you prefer. However, you do not want to burn your seeds so do not go too dark when roasting your seeds.

To roast your pumpkin seeds place the seeds on a cookie sheet or a baker’s pan and spread them out evenly. There is no need to spray the pan as the seeds are curved and should come off easily (unless you burn them to the pan). However, if you choose use a sheet of baker’s paper for easy clean up.  You do not want to have overlapping seeds as they will not roast properly. Heat the oven to 400 degrees and cook for 20 minutes checking occasionally to ensure that the seeds are not browning too much or too quickly.

Step Six: Cool, cover, and enjoy

Once your seeds are roasted, you should let them cool. It is important that you let your seeds air cool. Do not put them into the refrigerator straight out of the oven (you should never do this when baking unless specifically instructed to do so). It should only take about 10 minutes for the seeds to cool completely. If you have added only minimal salt, taste a seed and add salt over the remaining seed for flavor. You can also add your festive seasonings if you wish to do so (such as cinnamon). Pumpkin seeds can be eaten either cracked or whole.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

If you need a pumpkin then Trax Farms would love to extend an invitation to come by and visit us. We are located in Finleyville, PA just a small distance from Pittsburgh. In addition to offering the best pumpkins around our farm is currently having its 46th fall festival every weekend until October 25th. To find out more about our farm, our pumpkins, or our fall events please visit our website or come by our location. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


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