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Picking the perfect pumpkin


Not all pumpkins are the same; here is how you can decide which one to pick.

When it comes to pumpkins, most of us have an image in our head of how the ideal one will look. More than likely we are much like Linus describing the Great Pumpkin. But there are several varieties of pumpkins and each has its own use. Here are some of the various types of pumpkins you will find at Trax Farms and their use.


Pick the right type

Cinderella and Sugar Pie Pumpkins

These are perhaps the most well-known varieties of pumpkin.  The Cinderella pumpkin has the look associated with the classic fairy tale. It is also the pumpkin that traditionally is used in Thanksgiving pictures and for the “standard” fall look. You can identify a Cinderella pumpkin as they have a darker orange and are not perfectly spherical but rather flattened on the top and the base. The Sugar Pie pumpkin, on the other hand, is rather spherical leaving the stem to serve as a sort of handle for the whole pumpkin.

Popular Uses: As these two pumpkins are the most popular, the diverse uses are limitless. However, most people use the Cinderella pumpkin for jack-o-lanterns and for pies. The Sugar Pie pumpkin is used for pies as the insides are drier and sweeter than that of the Cinderella pumpkin which is more suitable for the squash like recipes and pies.

Summit Pumpkins

These pumpkins are large with solid ridges or ribs along the outside of the pumpkin.  They can average between 30-40 pounds.  Handles are large, durable and tend to be darker in color. 

Popular Uses: These pumpkins yield a lot of seeds and fruit.  They make great displays for your home and will work great for your design if you want to make a great impression with a large pumpkin.

Of course, these are not the only varieties of pumpkins which are available. There are several different kinds ranging in size and shape from the pink banana or Blue Hubbard to the Sweet Dumpling and Small Wonder. If you have an idea for the fall, the odds are that there is a pumpkin which can be used for that idea.

What to look for when you pick your pumpkin

When you look for a pumpkin, you need to try to find one which will match well with your overall plans for it. Where you may find a great large pumpkin, if you are planning on using it for a small family, you may find that the innards will provide too much for your needs.

When you are picking a pumpkin you should look for a ripe pumpkin. Many times a person will pick either an overly ripe pumpkin (which is great for carving and seeds) or an under ripe pumpkin. You want to look for a pumpkin that has vibrant colors. It is ok if there is a little green to the pumpkin, but you do not want to have one that has a ton of green on it (unless of course that type of pumpkin is green such as the Accorn, Kakati, or Carnival) as that is a sign that it is under ripe. You also want to avoid pumpkins which have too many dark spots unless the pumpkin is known for such. Dark spots are a sign that the pumpkin is overly ripe. If you are not looking to eat the insides but just to carve a pumpkin, then the spots may add to the overall feel of your jack-o-lantern.

Still need help in picking your pumpkin? Do not worry we can help you.

If you have pumpkin plans for this fall season and do not know where to start, come and visit us at Trax Farms. We have a large variety of pumpkins to choose from and can help you determine which pumpkin will suit you best. We are located just south of Pittsburgh (about 12 miles) in Finleyville. While you are here be sure to help us take part in our 46th annual Fall Festival or one of our evening Hayrides. To find out more about Trax Farms please visit our website or contact us directly at 412 835 3246. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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