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Indoor Plant Selections

Great plant options for when you can’t plant outdoors

Indoor plants are a vital part of ensuring that your home is vibrant and that you remain healthy. A study by NASA showed that common house plants increase the quality of air in the home making breathing easier. Another study conducted by the University of Nevada showed that people with indoor plants are happier. Even if you have an outside garden, you should consider having one of the many varieties of indoor plants in your home. Here are a few selections we think are ideal for any home.



Aloe plants have a “grass like” presence to the plant. There are no real flowers and blossoms to the bland. However, the use of this indoor plant is amazing. The leaves, which are rather plump, can be cut for the clear get inside to help with cuts and burns. Yes, this is the same aloe which is found in many over the counter products such as sunburn treatments, lotions, and such. The difference is that the aloe from an aloe plant is unhindered by chemicals and other additives. You are more likely to have a quick relief from the gel of an aloe plant than from an aloe based medicine.

Rabbit’s Ear

Rabbit’s ear is a plant which retains water. What makes this plant unique is the texture of the leaves, hence the name. The soft leaves resemble the fur of a rabbit or a small haired animal. So, if you want to have the warm and cuddly feeling of a rabbit without the risk of having hundreds of rabbits, or having the mess from an animal, the rabbit ear may be the plant for you. Owners should be advised that even though the plant is soft and fun to touch, over “petting’ of the plant may cause the leaves to be frail or bruising to the plant.


Cactus plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dependent upon your space, you may choose a larger variety or the smaller “bulb” or “sphere” variety of cactus. One of the best qualities of a cactus is that they require minimal maintenance. They are known for thriving in hot temperatures. Unknown to some is that the cactus also produces blossoms. Again, dependent upon the variety of cactus which is chosen the blossoms may be yellow, white, or pink.

It is advised that cactuses be kept in non-traffic areas of the home. Homes which have pets or small children should keep cactuses in areas where the children and pets cannot access them. This is primarily due to the thorns which adorn cactuses. Where not lethal, the thorns can cause quite a bit of pain. However, for homes which need a dessert look, a plant which requires little attention, or just a place which wants a bit of variety, a cactus is a great way to add to the home.


If you want to have a blossoming plant then this is for you. The Kalanchoe is a plant which is used to tropical climates. It grows well in potters as well as in hanging planters. There are several forms of the flower, but all of the varieties have a wide-leafed appearance. Blossoming is in the form of several pink flowers. Though the blossoms do not get large, they are quite abundant on the flower and do give off a very slight aroma. The more space which a Kalanchoe is given, the larger the spread of the leaves and the more blossoms you will see.


Ferns are not a water resistant plant but do add a great deal of color to a home. Ferns are known for their porous leaves. They grow relatively fast and require an ample amount of maintenance and watering in order to keep them healthy. Ferns are ideal for hanging as the large leaves tend to cascade over planters.  Please note that as the plant grows you will probably experience a bit of “shedding” from the fern. This is common. However, if your fern starts to show an abundance of browning leaves and over shedding you may need to check the soil as well as the watering of the plant.  Ferns are not blossoming plants, but they are year round plants. If maintained properly, a fern can bring a bit of color to a dull room all year round.

Come see our selection

Trax Farms has a large selection of indoor plants. Many of these plants are specifically catered to individuals which have busy lifestyles and cannot have a garden which would require daily attention. If you have any questions about the indoor plants which we offer, please feel free to come and see the selection for yourself. We are located in Finleyville, PA. You can also call us with any inquires at 412.835.3246. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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