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5 Plants for Summer

Plants that can stand the summer heat available now at Trax Farms

Summer is upon us and so is the heat. If you are like so many people that love plants but have a hard time keeping them alive in the summer months, than you may be pleased to know that there are a great many plants which thrive in warm weather. There are several selections of plants which live in hot regions. Consider the beauty of the tropics and such places. They are iconic for their flowers and known for their hot weather. Trax Farms has a large selection of such plants, but here are 5 to get you started.


Madagascar periwinkle

With red flowers and dark green leaves, the Madagascar periwinkle is a great addition to anyone with a flower garden. The plant has that look which is common in “traditional” gardens over that of one with a wild flower look. As the name suggests, the Madagascar Periwinkle is native to the Madagascar area (including India, Asia, and parts of the African coast).

Though the most common varieties are red or pink, there are a few varieties of purple as well. The main definitive mark of the Madagascar periwinkle is the white center of the flower. As compared to other plants, the periwinkle is more of a bushy plant.


Discovered in South America in the 1800s, the verbena plant is known for withstanding extremely hot temperatures. The flower comes in a large assortment of colors ranging from Aztec Red to white, peach, purple, and orange. The verbena does require a bit of space and is generally used by those which have a wall from which they want the plant to cascade down from.

Verbenas can be grown in containers if preferred and will reach a height of about 8 inches to 10 inches. However, if this option is implemented, the gardener will need to trim and prune the plant as needed to minimize over-crowding in the plant as well as encourage blooming. Please keep in mind that the verbena does require a bit more care than that of some of the other drought and heat resistant varieties of flowers available.

Mealycup Sage

Like most sage varieties, the Mealycup Sage is a fragrant plant. Typically used in gardens which have a bit of space for expansion, the Mealycup works well when planted over an area as opposed to confined to a flowerpot or small space. You will note that the flower is very distinctive from the plant and has a tendency to attract bees, birds, and butterflies. Gardeners should keep this in mind if the garden has other flowers which you may want to keep birds away from. You will also find that pests are not common on the Mealycup Sage making it ideal for those that want a plant which involves little maintenance.

Unlike herbal sage, the Mealycup Sage is not intended to be grown for consumption purposes.

Black-eyed Susan

If you love the yellowness of a sunflower, the open blooms of a daisy, and the texture of silk than the Black-eyed Susan would be a great addition to your summer garden. With a blossom that does not compete with other flowers (being that the common size is 2 to 4 inches) but with enough vividness in its color to demand attention, the Black-eyed Susan is one of the most common summer plants. 

The plant is greatly diverse in its planting options allowing gardeners to plant the flower either in a “wild garden” style or in the “traditional garden” style. The flower does well in dense spaces, but like most things it flourishes well in open spaces.

Blanket Flowers

The reason why I love the blanket flower is because it is ideal for those of us that cannot maintain a plastic plant let alone a living one. These plants are great for those gardens and spaces which are left to run wild. The characteristics of the bloom are bright yellows, oranges, and reds. Similar in appearance to daises, those who have the space for flowers to roam (or just lack the green thumb) will find the Blanket flower to be a pleasant addition to their garden.

Start your garden today

If you have ever wanted to start a garden, but you do not know which flowers to choose or what flowers will work well, then please come by and talk to us. At Trax Farms, we have a large variety of plants which thrive on the heat, survive on little water, and require little maintenance. If you have any questions about summer plants or if you just want some advice on how to get started with your summer garden please come by or contact us at 412.835.3246. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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