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The Benefits of going BLUE

Build memories and fill your baskets with blueberries from Trax Farms.

We have all heard about going green, and where we do promote a healthy environment and life choices which will enrich not only your life but that of the planet, we want you to think about going blue. Specifically, consider picking some blueberries this summer. As a child I remember reading Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to go and pick berries. Since I have become an adult, I have had many opportunities to pick blueberries and I have not been disappointed once in the experience.

There are a tremendous amount of benefits that you and your family can obtain from such an outing.  Apart from the memories which your family will share from spending time together, the health benefits of blueberry consumption are enormous. Here are just a few of those benefits.


Blueberries help to prevent health issues

Blueberries have been known to help reduce cholesterol levels, boost the immune system, and prevent certain heart diseases. Perhaps this is why whole grain cereal commercials tend to show blueberries as part of the advertisement. Blueberries also add anti-depressants naturally to the system, prevent UTIs, and reduces body fat[1]. Where blueberries are not a miracle cure for illnesses, they do go a long way in the prevention of illnesses and the maintaining of a healthy body.

Blueberries have been listed as a super fruit. This means that the food has such nutritional value that it stands above most common produce. Super fruits such as the blue berry are sought after by nutritionists, diet companies, as well as health food companies. Many times, a person will see a variation of the super fruit (for example in a Blueberry Tea). However, the most nutrition is found in a freshly picked blueberry as opposed to store bought produce.

Blueberries slow down the aging process and help to increase memory

 Research has shown that blueberries are very high in anti-oxidants as well as in anti-inflammatory properties. These oxidants relieve stress on the brain and improve the functions associated with memory. Furthermore, the properties of blueberries contribute to the protective layer that coats the brain, helping to further reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory related illnesses.

Do you want to lose that extra weight? Blueberries can help

Blueberries boost your body’s natural metabolism which helps to keep you slimming down. Of course, if you pepper a vanilla ice cream with blueberries, don’t expect anything but a tasty treat. Yet, if you mix in some blueberries with a yogurt or substitute your morning coffee for some blueberry juice from freshly blended blueberries, you will be more energetic and see an increase in your metabolism.

Why should I pick them when I can buy them?

Groceries offer a level of fresh fruits. However, when a fruit is picked it starts to die. Regardless of how well “preserved” a fruit may be, if it is sitting in a grocery store then the nutritional value has declined. Freshly picked blueberries offer a higher level of vitamins and minerals, a higher amount of the fruit juices, and no chemical preserves.

Cost wise, produce markups are anywhere from 50 to 75%. Why is this? On average, a grocery store has to throw out nearly 20% of their produce before it reaches the shelf.  This may be a result of bruising of the fruit, spoiled fruit (especially if shipped in hot weather), or damage to the produce upon arrival (such as cutting the skin of an apple or banana. The bottom line is that you are paying for this margin of trash when you purchase from a grocery store.[2] The markup is greater if the produce is seasonal and in high demand. However, when picking your produce you are maximizing the quality of produce as well as combining the quantity available.

Come visit us and go BLUE

Trax Farms would like to invite you to our farm to experience the joys of picking your own blueberries with your family and friends.  Build a new family tradition with our family. Our blueberry patch is over 2 acres and filled with enough ripe berries to keep everyone’s basket filled. Once you are done feel free to sit and eat them there, take them home or make some jam. We have all the supplies which you may need for your berry picking, jamming, and enjoyment. We are located in Finleyville, PA and the season is short, so please come by soon. If you have in any questions about blueberries, Trax Farms, or if you just want to get directions please feel free to contact us at 412.835.3246. We look forward to your visit.

[1] According to a study by the University of Michigan

[2] As reported on


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