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This nutrient is good for the plant as a whole. The root system, flower, and fruit all benefit from the proper amount of phosphorus added to the soil. Like potassium this nutrient is also not as portable as nitrogen and has to be worked into the soil.


Like humans, overindulging in food can be damaging to the plant. Overdoing it with the nitrogen will cause the plant to spring up quickly, but often times the leaves will have burned edges and will not look very attractive. Overfeeding can be worse than depriving the plant of the nutrients to begin with.

Plants That Grow in the Area

The warm humid summers of Pennsylvania are great for certain annuals. These annuals tend to grow throughout the summer and will last until the first frost hits. The annuals that grow in Pennsylvania work great for cut flowers. Here are some annuals that are perfect for our area.


Blue Horizon

This flower produces thin flower petals and is in the Aster family of annuals. Plant this flower with plenty of space to grow. They will grow between 18 and 30 inches tall and come in colors such as light green, deep purple-blue, and lavender. When planting a Blue Horizon ensure the soil can drain well and there will be no pooling around the plant. As they do enjoy a good drink of water, pooling will kill the plant.


Here is another Aster family flower that loves the Pennsylvania climate. Cosmos come to us from Mexico and produce quite large flowers. These flowers can sometimes grow to measure 4 inches in diameter. Since they are large flowers, they must be planted with lots of room to grow and well-drained soil is also essential for this annual.


This flower is known for giving people a very happy feeling. The bright yellow flowers in full bloom have a bright sunny effect on a person’s mood. They can up to 15 feet high and prefer slightly dryer soil, so again, plant them in a well-drained area. They do not last very long at all so enjoy them while you can.

If you are looking to try your hand at planting a garden for the first time annuals may be the way to go. The garden is easily changed later. Come visit us at Trax Farms today and let our knowledgeable staff assist you in beginning your gardening journey. If you are unsure what you are looking for or how to design your garden our displays will give you plenty of ideas that you can start with to let your creativity take over. Visit us online at or come by the store today and let us help you.


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