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When we think of flowers we think of the delicate beauty they bring to every piece of land they occupy. Flowers bring a subtle, but sweet scent to the air and seem to alleviate the stresses of a hectic lifestyle by just living in our garden.  One of the most recognizable and beautiful flowers of all is the rose.

Roses symbolize love, compassion, and friendship. Giving a rose to a person is lets them know that you care. Having a well-kept rose bush as part of your garden can allow you to become the envy of the neighborhood. Roses do not merely come in the long stem red variety that we are most accustomed to seeing in flower shops across the United States. Flowers come in a wide variety of colors and types.



Double Delight Rose

As far as roses are concerned, the double delight rose is one of the most stunning varieties. They almost have a tie dye effect in the way they bloom. The center is a vibrant yellow that spills out into a mix of white, red, and pink petals. They one of the more fragrant varieties of roses and are truly, a double delight to behold.

Tiffany Rose

The tiffany rose is among the tea rose varieties and the long stems are perfect for cutting to enjoy or to give away to a loved one. They come in a very soft pink color and have the traditional shape of a rose with sweeping petals that wrap around the center bloom. The Tiffany Rose resembles a rose perfectly constructed by a master baker on a wedding cake.

Dr. Huey Rose

Just looking at this rose you would not think of it as a rose at all. It is red in color with a distinct yellow center and has the soft petals that you would expect from an average rose, but this variety does not possess the traditional shape of a rose so many of us are used to. The Dr. Huey Rose has a more masculine sense about it rather than the feminine beauty we associate with roses.

Cottage Rose

This variety is another that does not look like a traditional rose. The Cottage Rose looks more like tissue paper than anything else. It comes from the David Austin variety of shrub roses and its soft pink delicate flowers are unmistakable for their crinkled shape.

Glamis Castle Rose

Another of the traditional style roses, the Glamis Castle Rose is also one of the David Austin varieties. It is white in color and is among the more fragrant of roses. The Glamis is one of the more compact roses and is stunningly beautiful.

Graham Thomas Rose

Roses may be red, but the Graham Thomas did not get the memo. They are distinctly yellow in color and the beautiful bloom returns year after year. The Graham Thomas is another of the David Austin varieties and has the look of more of a carnation rather than a rose.

Molineux Rose

The Molineux is a vibrant and beautiful yellow form of the popular flowers. Unlike many of their counterparts, the Molineux Rose does not require a great deal of disease control because they are naturally disease resistant. This makes them perfect for the rose lover that does not have the time to deal with an overly fussy flower garden.

L D Braithwaite Rose

This is the most traditional variety of rose. The blooms produce a bright deep red flower with lots of blooms on the plant. They will bloom year after year and are also of the David Austin varieties of roses.

Abraham Darby Roses

These stunning double bloom roses are very fragrant when in full bloom. They are lightly tinted pink with hints of yellow and apricot. The Abraham Darby blooms a very full flower and is a perfect gift for anyone feeling a little down. This flower’s beauty could lift anyone’s spirits.

Roses are stunning in all varieties. They have been used in movies and television shows throughout the years as reminders of the person’s fond feelings of the other character. They are an iconic flower when it comes to the ways of the heart. When a person is given a rose, whether red, yellow, or pink they know that the person giving the gift truly cares for them.

There are many flowers that occupy the landscape of America, but none are as recognizable as the rose. Where most flowers have a beautiful way about them the rose has a more luxurious feel to it. The petals are soft and velvety, and the feel of a rose brushing against your cheek is unmistakable. We love our roses in America and those that grow them hold a sense of pride when the plant is in full bloom.

If you are looking to start your own rose garden or add to an existing one, come visit us at and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect variety to fit your needs. We have Pittsburgh’s largest selection of flowers and are offering 20% off of all rose varieties from on May 16 and 17. Come into Trax Farms today and let us help you.


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