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You may be toying with the idea of adding marigolds to your flower garden this year. You are definitely not the first to have this thought. Marigolds are one of the original flowers of North America. Spanish settlers discovered them when they arrived to this “New Land.” Marigolds then made the trip back across the ocean to be presented to British royalty as evidence of the vast beauty of the “New Land.” Being a very durable flower, the marigold made the difficult journey, surprisingly, well intact.

Marigolds are very beautiful annuals that come in a variety of colors to brighten up any garden. They hold up in all kinds of conditions so they are great for all types of weather. There are a number of different types of marigolds. The type of marigold purchased depends on the care needed and the time of year it will bloom. There are four types of marigolds.



African or American Marigolds – This type of marigold can reach heights of up to 3 feet tall. The flowers themselves can be as wide as 5 inches, so these are no small flowers. They tend to take longer to bloom than that of other marigold types and are yellow and orange in color.

French Marigolds – With this variety of marigold we get to enjoy all three illustrious colors set forth by the vibrant marigold. Deep reds, oranges, and yellows make this variety especially popular to marigold lovers. French marigolds tend to be a lot smaller in comparison to that of the African or American variety. They only grow to an approximate height of 18 inches with the flower a mere two inches in diameter.

Signet Marigolds – This is a very unique variety of marigold in that the flowers are edible. The fragrance is of lemon while the taste is more close to tarragon. They do not grow to the height of either the African or the French marigold. The vibrant yellow and orange colors in these petit flowers work well in edging and small flower beds.

Mule Marigolds – Just like a mule is a cross breed between two separate animals, the mule marigold is a cross between two different types of marigolds, the French and the American. They can grow to a height of 18 inches and have a low germination period.

Marigolds of all types are amazing flowers. While many flowers only serve the purpose of adding color to a colorless space, marigolds are renowned for far more than merely looking pretty.

Good for the Skin – Skin problems effect most of us at some point in our lives. Modern medicine may be great at treating some problems, but marigolds have been used for centuries for their skin healing properties. Inflammation of the skin is a common problem that many of us face. If we stay out in the sun for too long and burn, there is little that can be done to repair the skin. Marigolds have been proven to reduce the inflammation and actually repair the damage caused by the sun. Marigolds are useful for a wide variety of skin issues. That quality alone makes them an asset in any flower garden.

Food Coloring – One unspoken rule in the culinary world is that if a natural substance can be substituted for a processed one the natural substance should always be used in order to produce the best result. Many chefs use as many natural food colorings as possible to keep from using chemicals in their dishes. The vibrant color of the marigold is often used as a food coloring in dishes that do not have vibrant color on their own.

Mood Brightener – The world we live in can sometimes be a very depressing place. Stresses of this life can often break us down and bring us into a state of unhappiness. Scientists say that color can affect our mood. The bright colors of the marigold have been said to be so beautiful that simply looking at them can lift a person’s spirits.

Marigolds are easy plants to take care of. Once planted, the flower only needs about 45 days to bloom. They should be planted no closer than 2 cm apart with approximately ¼ inch of soil to cover the seed. It is important to plant marigolds in a location that receives plenty of sun and shade. They take a lot of water, but pests are generally not a problem due to the odor given off by the flowers. Once the flowers have begun to show, pluck them off the stem. This may seem counterproductive, but it is a way of pruning the plant so that many more flowers will grow.

Marigolds are wonderful flowers to have around. They do not require a lot of work, so they are great for beginners and the fragrance given off livens up your entire yard. If you are looking to liven up your garden this year with a little bold color, come by and talk to one of our experts at Trax Farms.


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