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Gardening Tips for Spring

Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is a magical time of year. Almost overnight the earth wakes up from a long winter’s nap and turns green with new life. The air seems fresher and people emerge from their homes ready to spend some time outside amongst all the natural beauty. Spring is also the time of year many choose to celebrate life by tilling up the sleepy ground and planting a fresh batch of seeds.

Gardening is enjoyed by a variety of people. What once was a way of life for almost every person in the nation has become lost to some. With the price of everything going up many people are turning back to the traditions of growing our own food to reduce the ever increasing grocery bill. For a well-seasoned gardener starting a new garden is a joyous experience. Working in the earth brings us back to nature in all its glory.

For the novice, starting a garden can be a very stressful entity. A beginner needs all the help they can get, so here are a few tips to ensure that your gardening experience will be less stressful and fill your home with all the fresh fruits and veggies your family craves.




Pruning trees is a process that is looked over by many people. Once a fruit tree is planted people tend not to give it much thought. Many fruit trees can take years to produce a yield, so people tend to forget or lose interest quickly. Thinning out the buds of a fruit tree will allow more nutrients to get to the other branches, thus producing a higher quality of fruit. Pruning time for the tree is just before the new buds begin to form. Clipping a branch here and there will allow the plant to be free to grow more fruit.

Do Not Put Off Weeding

No one likes to weed their garden. Weeding is a task that is dreaded by most gardeners, but it is necessary so the weeds do not suffocate your plants. Weeding your garden early while weeds are small will save you from a lot of pulling and tugging large weeds later. These small weeds will not have any chance of destroying the garden you worked so hard to plant if they are pulled early.

Take Pictures

We want our flower gardens to be the most stunning in the neighborhood. Many gardeners struggle with gaps in the garden. To avoid gaps in your flower garden, take pictures of the garden in full bloom in the spring then when it is time to plant in the fall, you will know where the gaps are and be able to fix the problems.


Spreading mulch in your flower garden will keep the flowers from drying out. Flowers need plenty of moisture to produce the beautiful vibrant colors and the strong plants we are accustomed to. The mulch will hold a lot more moisture to feed the plant and will help to keep the weed population to a minimum.

Overgrown Perennials

Overgrown plants will take the life from other plants in the flower garden. By splitting overgrown perennials and replanting them you will give the plants breathing room. They will be able to produce more illustrious and stronger flowers.

Start From Seeds

Many people begin a garden by buying already grown plants and simply transferring them to the garden. This is fine if you if you are looking to spend a great deal of money to have a garden. Starting from seeds is the most profitable way to begin a garden. Seeds are extremely affordable and as long as they are cared for properly they will produce more vegetables than you will need. Some unused seeds can even be stored in the freezer until planting season the following year.

Biodegradable Pots

We are always looking for ways to make less of an impact on the environment. Using biodegradable pots is a way to plant seedlings without harming the soil. These can be purchased, but for the true budget conscious gardener, there are ways of making your own out of household materials.

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the world we live in while providing for our families. When a person can produce their own food they truly feel as though they are making a difference. It is a satisfying feeling to walk out you front door and pick fruits and vegetables from your bountiful harvest. Home grown fruits and veggies are also much better for you and taste far better than anything that can be purchased from a store. Happy Gardening!


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