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Pittsburgh Best Fall Festival

A Look at Why Fall Festivals Are So Popular


We are a nation of people that enjoy a good celebration. We have events to mark everything from the announcement of a baby all the way up to the retirement party for those that have gone above and beyond the call of duty within the career they have chosen. The need to celebrate every aspect of life is not just some frivolous pursuit. It is the desire for our lives to have meaning and contain the people we love. One of the most popular celebrations at this time of year are the fall festivals that seem to be everywhere. We are going to look at the fall festival so we can determine its attraction to so many people.

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Fall Apples

Apple season is quickly approaching


With summer upon us, the slogan “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  And while this is intended for the school season and for teachers, mainly, an apple this fall may be just what you need. Filled with nutrients that the body needs, as well as packed with the sweet flavor typical in fruit, the apple is a nice addition to any fall harvest. Known for their distinctive shape (which resembles an oversized cherry), textures, various hues, and uses, the apple is one of the most popular fruit selections in the world. And while you can go out and buy a bag of apples, fresh fruit it always better tasting and better for you. Trax Farm will be offering their fall selection of apples soon. Here are a few things to help you decide which apples are best for you.

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Why Flea Markets are better than Yard Sales

Why vending at a flea market is better than a yard sale


In the past when I have wanted to clear out the garage or a storage facility, the first thought that came to my mind was that I needed to have a yard sale (the second thought was that I will just wait and do it later). I would haul out all of the goods which I wanted to sell and sit in my yard or a friend’s yard and try to peddle my goods. Yet, for all of my efforts, I rarely saw a profit worth the effort. I then sought out different means in which to get rid of my valuables and found that being a vendor at a flea market to be a better solution. Here is why.

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Meatless Grilling Ideas

3 healthy grilling solutions for your summer


If you are like many people, you love to grill. However, with about a third of the population suffering from high cholesterol[1] grilling meat may not be an option. This does not mean that your grill or you have to suffer. You can still experience the smell of charcoal mixed with savory food wafting through the air with these three non-meat recipes.

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Let’s talk Veggies

Green Leaves and warm climates make for some great vegetables

 Summer, for many people is the time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. It is a time to break out the bikini and the swimming trunks, work on the tan-lines, and just enjoy the day. As such, those with gardens are working on planning vegetables which are not only delicious but also able to deliver that flavor when transported to that summer get-away spot. Where there are a great many vegetables which are available for your garden, here are a few which will do well in both your garden and your picnic basket.

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